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Monday, May 4 - Nature Break

Hey Vikings and Friends,

May the Fourth be with you! (In other words, happy Star Wars day!) For today’s ten minute nature break, I’d like you to get outside, and use your imagination. You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to discover strange creatures or unusual terrain. Try looking at your own backyard through a magnifying glass, pair of binoculars, or even a pair of funky-colored sunglasses.

I wonder, how many Star Wars aliens were created by adding a little imagination to backyard nature? Jabba the Hutt may well have started as a humble snail or slug. Perhaps the resourceful jawas were inspired by bright-eyed raccoons raiding trash cans at night.

How many Star Wars creatures can you find in your backyard? Record them in your nature journal, and remember that imagination and creativity are as welcome in those pages as facts and figures.

Happy Adventuring!

-Mrs. Breclaw

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