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Tuesday, May 12 - Nature Break

Good Morning, Vikings and Friends!

Happy National Limerick day!! Poetry and nature go so well together, don’t they? For today’s nature break, we’re going to play with limericks. You can either go outside with your journal and sit for a bit, OR flip through pages of your journal, and find a good experience you’ve already written about. Then start thinking about how to frame that experience in a limerick.

Limericks are five line poems. The first, second and fifth rhyme and are usually longer. The third and fourth rhyme with each other and are shorter. Limericks are often a bit silly or nonsensical.

Here are a couple from my journal experiences:

There once was a mockingbird in a tree

Who thought none were mightier than he

So he chased off a hawk

With a peck and a squawk

Though the hawk could have gobbled him like a cookie.

There once was a lizard on a fence

Who defended his territory on pretense

He flexed and he dipped

Showing muscles quite ripped

Too bad no one was around to watch his nonsense.

Happy Adventuring!

-Mrs. Breclaw

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