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Our college counseling program is a testament to our commitment to molding young minds into leaders of tomorrow. With four dedicated counselors who work closely with each student cohort, we instill the values of leadership, integrity, and character from day one. Starting in 9th grade and guiding them through all four years, our counselors create a personalized educational journey that aligns with our students' unique aspirations. We understand that leadership goes hand-in-hand with academic excellence, and through our partnership with Naviance, an online portfolio and resume builder, we tailor college applications to highlight each student's leadership experiences and character development. Our legacy of placing leaders in the nation's top schools underscores our dedication to shaping the future leaders of our nation.

Contact Information

Nanette Martin

A-E Counselor



Tina Perales

F-LE Counselor



Dr. Symionne Quarles

Li-Ra Counselor



Sodonia Johnson

Re-Z Counselor


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