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Nolan Catholic High School strives to identify students’ unique needs, especially those that may affect their academic performance. Nolan Catholic works with families to create formal accommodation plans unique to each student according to the recommendations provided by a medical or diagnostic professional as students encounter various hurdles with medical concerns, injuries, or academic diagnostic evaluations.


For further information regarding classroom accommodations, please review the NCHS Guidelines for Student Accommodations.


  • Alternative classroom settings for testing

  • Study Skills classes

  • Individual coaching with skills such as:

    • Note-taking

    • Comprehension strategies

    • Test preparation

    • Organization and planning techniques

  • Progress monitoring and student self-advocacy support

  • Formal accommodation plans

  • After-school academic support

  • Formal academic and medical/injury plans

  • Support for standardized test accommodation requests


  • Academic referral process

  • Professional development 

  • Support for accommodation implementation 

  • Alternative environment options for students

Contact Our Team


Jordan Gallegos

Academic Coach

Testing Center Coordinator

ACT and College Board Coordinator

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