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Wednesday, April 8 - Nature Break

Good morning Vikings and Friends!

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, I went outside to practice taking pictures. I was trying to learn my camera a little better, and focusing on f-

stops, hoping to get a good picture of the last flowers on my yaupon holly.

I was so focused that I nearly missed a spider on her web, ants crawling on the yaupon holly flowers, and a young, bright green anole lizard all literally right under my nose!

Later in the day, we went back outside, and again saw the anole. He permitted us to take lots of pictures of him, and my daughter and I marveled at how perfectly he blended in with the holly. His head is shaped just like the leaves, and the white line along his spine, so noticeable when he’s on the wall, looks just like a branch when he’s in the plant. My daughter noticed blue around his eyes, and now we’re wondering what causes that.

So, for today’s nature break, I encourage you to head outside and play hide-and-seek with an anole! Can you find one in your yard? Check the walls of your house, fences, and shrubbery.

If you can’t find an anole, can you find another creature camouflaged in your yard?

Happy adventuring!

-Mrs. Breclaw

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