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Monday, March 30 - Nature Break

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Good morning, Vikings and Friends!

Are you enjoying the rain this morning? It’s been so gentle here, I didn’t even hear it. It looks like the rain may keep up all day, so you have two fun choices for today’s nature break:

Option 1- With your parent’s permission, head outside in the rain. You may want to wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, and a waterproof jacket. If it’s raining when you go out, leave your journal inside. Explore your yard in the rain. See if you can find a misty spider web, or water droplets hanging from leaves. Do you notice a difference in birdsong, or amount of creatures you see? Does your yard smell different? Once you get back inside and dried off, write about your experiences in your journal.

Option 2- Create a “through my window” journal entry. Write the same as you would outside, just based  on what you can see and hear from your window. You can even draw your view of your window! That will give future “through my window” entries a frame of reference.

Whether outdoors or looking outdoors, I hope you discover a beautiful element of God’s creation today. And keep me posted about your discoveries, I love hearing about them!!

-Mrs. Breclaw

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