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Monday, March 23 - Nature Break

Good morning, Vikings and Friends!

I hope you had a restful weekend! For today’s nature break, I’d like you to scavenge around your house a bit. We’re going to create nature journals. These don’t have to be fancy or expensive. See if you can find a blank notebook or sketchbook. Even notebook or copy paper in a three-ring binder will work fine.

Once you have a notebook, go outside in your yard for a few minutes. At the top of your page, write down today’s date, and a description of the time and weather (example: Arlington, midmorning, cool, overcast with the sun peeping through the clouds).

Now comes the fun part! Write or sketch anything in your yard that captures your attention. It doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing, or complete sentences. You’re capturing YOUR memory of this exact moment in time. God created the birds, insects and plants in your yard, and you may be the only person in the world who notices their beauty today. Enjoy your time outside. Take deep breaths.

When you head back inside, put your journal in a safe place where you can find it again tomorrow. We’re going to be writing and drawing in these a lot over the next couple of weeks. And feel free to add to it at any time. This is YOUR journal. You never know when you may see something interesting through your window. This morning we saw two male cardinals bouncing around our front yard, almost like they were playing tag.

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