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Nolan Catholic High School strives to identify a student’s unique needs, especially conditions or issues that will affect classroom performance. Although we do not write Individualized Education Plans, nor provide formal special education services, we recognize the responsibility to provide accommodations to ensure that students with learning differences have the opportunity to obtain a Nolan Catholic High School diploma.

NCHS will review the following information to determine how best to respond to a student’s classroom accommodation needs:

  • A formal evaluation or documentation of a learning difference that has been made, preferably within the past three years. However, NCHS may allow accommodations even if the documentation is older than three years.

  • Demonstration of an educational need for accommodations because the learning difference prevents or “substantially limits” a student’s ability to progress or demonstrate mastery of skills, as defined by Section 504 of Americans with Disabilities Act.

Determination of an educational need may include the following:

  • Review of student history and/or accommodations proven necessary for a student’s progress in the past

  • Teacher input and observation of a student’s progress over a four-week period

  • Supporting evidence that a student needs the accommodations in order to meet minimum course requirements

Special considerations for extended time on tests include each of the following:

  • Review of test scores, including placement tests, course tests, and other pertinent information

  • Teacher input and observations indicate that the student requires more time than his or her peers to complete tests

  • Amount of extended time is generally 50 percent of the customary allotment

Accommodation Procedure

  • Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves by communicating with their classroom teachers.

  • A student’s parent(s) must provide the appropriate documentation of a learning difference to the Learning Specialist. Please be advised that the NCHS administration may require a period of up to four weeks to review information and make observations.

  • NCHS will host a meeting in which the student, parent(s) and NCHS will create the initial plan.

  • If deemed appropriate, NCHS will distribute a formal written plan to the student’s teachers.

Accommodations are reviewed at the beginning of each school year to determine if they need to be continued or revised. These meetings are held with the student alone, unless the parent(s) request attendance.


How to Apply

Please complete the Fort Worth Diocese Employment Application. Email the completed application, along with your resume and cover letter, to Administrative Assistant, Catherine SaldanaApplicants will be asked to provide two professional letters of reference during the interview process.

Our philosophy

Nolan Catholic High School assists parents with the education and formation of students in Truth, Goodness, and Beauty by providing Christ-centered faith experiences, challenging academics, and formative student activities that prepare students to respond to God’s call. 

Non-discrimination policy

Nolan Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability in the administration of its educational, admissions, and financial aid policies, faculty and staff recruitment and hiring policies or other programs or activities administered by the school.

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