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Thursday, March 19 - Nature Break

Dear Vikings and Friends,

Happy First day of Spring!

Today is the spring equinox, which means "equal night" in Latin. This is the earliest that the spring equinox has arrived in 124 years!

Today, let's get outside and look for signs of spring. How many can you find? Look for plants budding, flowers blooming, squirrels playing, and birds singing. (Did you know that longer daylight cues birds to burst into song?) Pro Tip: If you're itching to get outside and soak up some sunlight, that's a sign of spring too!

And it's also the feast of St. Joseph. One of my family's favorite traditions is Zeppole de San Guiseppe for dessert, so we'll be making these tonight (confession: I sometimes make jell-o vanilla pudding instead of the homemade pastry cream. It works just fine!) Even if you're not used to baking, these cream puffs are fun to make. I always spoon the dough onto cookie sheets with two spoons instead of the pastry bag. Pretend like you're scooping big cookies.

Enjoy some time outdoors today! And for more information on the spring equinox, check out this site:

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