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Photography students honored at contest

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Photography I students Alex Alvarado and Josef Hubartt were recently recognized at the Association of Texas Photography Instructors Fall 2019 Photo Contest!

Alex earned honorable mention in three separate categories: "Animals," "Cityscape/Architecture," and "Time Exposure."

Josef placed first in the "Student Life" category. This year, there were over 7,000 entries from 111 schools in Texas. Congratulations to Alex, Josef, and photography teacher, Ms. Anna Engelland!

Josef Hubartt, "Giant Jenga" -- First Place, Student Life
Alex Alvarado, "Swift" -- Honorable Mention, Animals
Alex Alvarado, "Lines" -- Honorable Mention, Cityscape/Architecture
Alex Alvarado, "Lavish" -- Honorable Mention, Time Exposure

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Susan Batten
Susan Batten
Dec 08, 2023

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