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Monday, April 6 - Nature Break

Hi Vikings and Friends!

Happy Monday! For today’s nature break, we are going to practice observing something at different sizes. Find an interesting tree, shrub, or plant. First, try sketching a little bit of it (like a couple of leaves or a flower) life-size. You can trace a leaf into your journal if you wish.

Now, “zoom out” and roughly sketch the whole plant, and sketch yourself (yes, stick figures are perfectly welcome here!) Try to show how big the plant or tree is compared to you. Does it go up to your knee? Your chest? Tower twice as tall as you?

Now, “zoom in”. Draw a circle on your paper (like a magnifying glass) to really focus in on a detail of your plant, like the bark pattern, leaf veins, or inner part of the flower. Draw an arrow to show where your zoom circle belongs on the plant.

Happy zooming!

-Mrs. Breclaw

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