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Join the Royelles Dance Team

Who Are We?

Since 1981, the award winning Nolan Catholic Royelles have been dedicated to excellence in dance and leadership. In addition to cheering on our football and basketball teams, the team competes in the spring in other dance styles.

The Royelles are a close-knit group, and we support and pray for each other, both in and out of the dance studio. Everyone deserves to find a place to call home in high school, and we hope you can find that home with us.

Year in the Life of a Royelle

  • Summer: Team Camp to learn choreography for the year and to bond as a team. Right before school starts, the team begins practicing, conditioning, and team bonding.

  • Fall: Football season! The Royelles dance in the stands in addition to performing routines during pre-game and halftime. The team attends all home and away games.

  • Spring: The team performs at home basketball games and also prepares for competition. In 2020, the team competed in pom, kick, and jazz.

  • Year Round: The team performs at every pep rally, and they practice regularly after school.

Studio Dance

Although the Royelles is a significant time commitment, many girls on the team take dance classes at Nolan and still dance in their own studios. We always want to help you grow as a dancer and as a person. Among other things, being a Royelle teaches you time management and organization.

Join the Team

Auditions are in April –everyone must audition, including returning members. This year, we will post choreography and interview questions, and you will be able to film yourself doing the choreography and submit your best take by April 17.

For the audition, be prepared to learn several bars of choreography in both jazz and kick (we will teach you some kick technique first). You must also be able to do your left and right splits. Our judging panel includes our directors and other dance experts.

For more information, please email our director, Ms. Tatyana Peffers, or our assistant director, Ms. Rebekah Yarmchuk at and

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