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Join the Investment Club!

The brand new Investment Club will meet for the first time on Monday, Nov. 8 at 3:15 in Ms. Yarmchuk's room. The Investment Club will help students learn the value of investing through lessons and simulation. It will teach them different strategies and decision-making techniques.

Meeting Schedule

Due to Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, the schedule will be slim. Starting in 2022, we will have more meetings.

  • Nov- 8th

  • Dec- 6th

  • Jan (2022)- 17th, 31st

  • Feb-14th, 28th

  • Mar- 14th, 28th

  • Apr- 11th, 25th

  • May- 9th

  • May 16th will be the final meeting of the school year.

Meetings will be held in Ms. Yarmchuk’s room after school on these days. They will start at 3:15 and will end from 3:45-4, depending on the meeting.


  • President/Founder: Matthew Chiappetta

  • Vice President: Macie Parker

  • Manager: Valdemar Gomez

  • Secretary: Caroleen Saba

  • Communication and Marketing: Elizabeth Hyde

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