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Dallas Summer Musicals Nominations

Every year the theatre students compete in the Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theatre Awards. Adjudicators come out and watch our musical and submit nominations based on their performances. Many of the schools that we compete against are 6A schools with 3 times the amount of students in their school. So, just being nominated is a HUGE deal! Mathieu Reyes will get to work with professional directors and choreographers from New York and perform at the DSM awards ceremony.

The ceremony will be held on June 11 at the DSM Music Hall in Fair Park.

• Best Direction - Kayla Brookshire, Gigi Rodriguez, and Mathew Tovar

• Best Choreography - Annabelle Hough, Andrea Atienza, and Juliana Smith

• Best Scenic Design - Alicia Johnson

• Best Crew and Technical Execution - Tommy Rowell, Spence Collard, Alisa Bryant, and Lindsey Hogentogler

• Best Actor - Mathieu Reyes

• Best Supporting Actor - Justin Le

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