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Congratulations David Mabry -- 2020 CSW Honoree!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Social Studies teacher Mr. David Mabry is the 2020 Catholic Schools Week Honoree. Each year, Nolan Catholic identifies one faculty or staff member who embodies the spirit of Catholic education. Congratulations, Mr. Mabry!

The CSW Honoree is chosen by Nolan Catholic faculty and staff. Here are just a few of the glowing testimonials provided to support Mr. Mabry's award:

“David is a faithful Catholic and a devoted educator who is regularly giving of himself to all members of the Nolan Catholic Community.”

“Greets his students each period with enthusiasm, interesting facts and great music. He takes time to counsel students when they are struggling and showers his students with genuine compliments. Not to mention, he dresses in period clothing to get students engaged in the content!”

“David has had a very positive impact on students through his dedication and enthusiasm. He provides a friendly face and attitude which is contagious and makes every day better for teachers and students alike. Extremely kind and supportive. David provided years of service through National Honor Society and he continues to assist with that organization.”

“David is a model teacher and a main of faith. He maintains a positive attitude at all times. He thinks about small details – like providing others with hand sanitizer before Communion. (We germ-o-phobes really appreciate this!)”

“David is a great teacher and a demanding teacher. He is always thinking of the students in and out of the classroom.”

“David is invested in the kids. He makes learning fun and he cares about the material and making a connection with his students.”

“Mr. Mabry always goes out of his way to make sure everyone in the Nolan Catholic community feels welcome. He is incredibly dedicated to his craft and he is awesome at keeping the students engaged with his creative lessons.”

Congratulations, Mr. David Mabry -- 2020 Catholic Schools Week Honoree!

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