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Welcome to Nolan Catholic

Dear returning and prospective families,

It is with genuine excitement that I invite you to join us on an educational journey that goes beyond the ordinary—a journey guided by our motto, "Esto Dux" or "Be a Leader"—where the pursuit of knowledge intertwines seamlessly with the shaping of character. Our school prides itself on excelling in college preparatory academics, leadership development, and the formation of unwavering faith.

As a devoted student of the liberal arts and a school leader for the last 10 years, I often reflect on the transformative power that education holds in one's life. Education, in its true essence, unlocks pathways of human flourishing by bringing us closer to what is eternal, ultimately serving as a guiding light through

life's labyrinthine journey. It is with this fervent belief in the sanctity of education that I am honored to extend this warm welcome to you.


Because we uphold the tradition of providing a premier education rooted in the Christian faith, our commitment at Nolan Catholic is not just about preparing students academically, but also fostering individuals who embody leadership qualities, exhibit strong character, and are grounded in truth.

In the classrooms of Nolan Catholic, we don't just teach; we inspire. We're dedicated to equipping our students not only with knowledge but also with the essential life skills needed to navigate a rapidly changing world. Rooted in a foundation of faith, we strive to empower our students to be leaders who lead not only with intelligence but also with empathy, resilience, and a deep sense of responsibility.

My team and I look forward to serving you and your children.

Kind regards, 

Oscar Ortiz, 

Head of School | Nolan Catholic High School

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