Christian Ministry FAQ

When can I start counting hours?

June 1st before your Freshmen year.

Why were my hours denied?

Common reasons are: forgetting to state where the service took place; failing to detail what you did for in the description; failing to provide both an email and a phone number for your contact; using a family member for the contact; failing to answer the provided reflection prompt; applying your service to the incorrect goal.

What do I do if my hours are denied?

Read the comments near the bottom of your entry to see what needs to be corrected, correct the entry, and resubmit. See the Director of Christian Ministry.

What if I fulfill the 75 hours in one year?

WONDERFUL! We hope that Nolan Catholic students will continue to serve their school, church and community beyond the required hours. Continue to log hours in x2Vol. Nolan Catholic will give special commendation to those students who model commitment to Christian Ministry. Students are eligible to earn CM honors recognition.

What is not included in my service hours?

Initial interviews, transportation to the ministry site, lunch breaks, and dinner breaks do NOT count toward one’s required ministry hours. However, training for a specific ministry can count toward one’s hours. Babysitting (unless for a parish in a group child care setting with supervision), work for family and/or friends, and such do not count. Donations of goods do not count, regardless of the donations site’s policy, but the time spent gathering the goods can count. Work done in one’s home, even with parental and/or adult supervision, cannot be counted. “Double-dipping” is not allowed either. There are many other requirements a person can have besides NCHS, such as Confirmation hours at a parish, Eagle Scout service projects, etc. These hours gain the benefit of those programs, and are NOT counted as valid hours in the NCHS Christian Ministry Program. Further, even if parishes accept NCHS hours in lieu of their own Confirmation requirement, this is still “double-dipping” and is not allowed. See also “Nolan Catholic Service” above for more information. If there is a question as to whether a specific activity is allowed, please contact the Director of Christian Ministry for approval.