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CM Criteria

You have several options in selecting your ministry site. You may find an agency on your own or continue to serve an agency if it meets the following criteria:

service to or with people

We ask that the majority of your service involve working directly with people, serving as Christ did. While there may be a few occasions where you will indirectly help others through other means (office work, cleaning), we require that the majority of hours come from direct service to others. 


Service must be completed at a non-profit agency such as those listed at the end of this publication. For any other agency or organization type to be validly accepted, it must be approved by the Director of Christian Ministry.

volunteer service

Christian ministry is a contribution of your time and talents in a volunteer capacity. This is work that is not for payment, outside of the ministry we already freely give to family, friends and neighbors. Whereas it is a requirement of NCHS for a student to have the prescribed number of hours in order to graduate, the agency the student chooses, the hours worked, etc. is of the student’s choosing.

supervisor presence

A non-family adult must be available at your ministry site to supervise, validate your service, and evaluate your ministry. The supervisor should also be available to provide training, support, and assistance.


All ministry work must be with an adult supervisor. Name, phone number, and email address for the supervisor will be required in order to verify hours.

NCHS service

We encourage service to Nolan Catholic High School; however, service performed during school hours or as a requirement for a course are not eligible to satisfy CM requirements. Students may not opt to attend a service project in place of school. 

Service to our Athletic department as trainers, filmers and managers does qualify for CM hours; however, students must declare before starting the ministry whether their service will be for CM hours or course credit. 


Please contact the Director of Christian Ministry with any questions.

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