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ALL DONORS 2019-20

This report celebrates the generosity of the Nolan Catholic High School community. It recognizes all charitable gifts and payments made to Nolan Catholic High School between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, including those in support of endowments, capital projects, designated gifts, special events, academic programs, and operations.

President's Circle

$5,000 and above

Advancement Foundation - Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth

Anonymous Donations (7)

Black and Indian Mission

Mr. and Mrs. James Breen

Mr. and Mrs. John Byrne

Communities Foundation of Texas

Dennett Construction

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Doskocil

Mrs. Mary Fenoglio and Mr. Michael Fenoglio ‘72

Fidelity Charitable

First Rate, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Fischer

Game Day Media Inc

Mr. Larre Green and Mr. Peter Gerard


J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

Kelly Hart and Hallman LLP

Estate of Mary Ann Kleuser (Dr. Thomas M. Kleuser ’68)

Mr. Wilfred Koelzer

Linbeck Group, LLC

Mrs. Nynochoka Strittmatter Lubrano ‘85 and Mrs. Lawrence Lubrano ‘85

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Gilberto Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morano

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Munro

North Texas Community Foundation – Ella McFadden Trust

North Texas Knights of Columbus Insurance Fort Worth Agency

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Park

Mr. and Mrs. Rene Ramirez

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rayball

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowell

Scanlan FoundationMr. and Mrs. Duane Schifano

Mr. and Mrs. George Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Swienton

Textron Matching Gift Program

The Ben and Mary Frances Doskocil Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth

The Catholic Foundation

The Stephen Breen Memorial Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tice/Knights of Columbus Insurance

Vanguard Charitable

Ms. Meagan Warminski

Esto Dux Circle

$2,500 - $4,999

Anonymous Donations (1)

Ms. Catherine Bailey

Corgan Associates, Inc.

Mrs. Kerry Fenoglio and Mr. Kenneth Fenoglio ‘66

Frank W. Neal and Associates, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. John Hyde

Mouser Electronics

National Christian Foundation North Texas

Mrs. Reda Polk and Mr. Bernard Polk ‘66

Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Rios

Mrs. Angela Chavez Smith ‘94 and Mr. Christopher Smith

Uptown Pup

Mrs. Rose Hall Welborn and Mr. Walter Welborn ‘63

Founder's Circle

$1,961 - $2,499

Mr. Robert E. Byrnes

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Conway

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dahm

Mrs. Patty Fenoglio and Mr. Richard Fenoglio ‘69

Mrs. Brenda Griffith and Mr. Ross Griffith ‘81

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John Kleiser

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Muraski

Mrs. Patricia Gilmore Pierret ‘78 and Mr. Steven R. Pierret

Schwab Charitable

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Taylor

The Mary Ellen Byrnes Foundation

Thompson Charitable Foundation, Joe Thompson

Lepanto Circle

$500 - $1,960

Anonymous (2)

Mr. and Mrs. William Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alexander

America's Charities

Mr. Maximo Angeles

Mr. Richard F. Anish

Mrs. Sofia Pendergast Barnes ‘85 and Mr. Michael Barnes

Ms. Camille Barraza

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Becker

Mr. and Mrs. William Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Birbeck

Blue Star Operations Services LLC

BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware

Mrs. Sharon Boyte

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bryant

Mr. Rocky Cantu

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Chiappetta

Mrs. Amy Newbern Cook ‘85 and Mr. Scott Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Coomer

Crance Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Daboub


Ms. Elizabeth Dominguez and Mr. Jeremy Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Donato

Ms. Jennifer Dozier

Mrs. Therese Duane

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dulle

Eklund's, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Erwin

Mr. Jay Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzpatrick

Mrs. Jennifer Fossier

Mrs. Anna Franko and Mr. Michael Franko ‘77

Ms. Elizabeth Gardner

Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gillen

Mrs. Bertha Gomez and Dr. Omar Gomez ‘84

Good Shepherd Catholic Community Men’s Club

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graber

Mr. Robert Greve

Griffith, Jay and Michel, LLP

Mr. Manny Guerrero

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Hampton

Mrs. Raye Handler and Mr. Philip Handler ‘67

Mrs. Peggy Hebert and Mr. Joseph Hebert ‘73

Horizon Tech Industries (M and E Products Inc)

Mr. Phillip Hoverstadt ‘03

Ms. Sodonia Johnson

Mrs. Rebecca Schlech Kitowski ‘87 and Mr. Charles Kitowski ‘87

Knights of Columbus 6269

Ms. Rhonda Krasselt ‘88

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kyei

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Landry

Ms. Mary Larson ‘12

Dr. Pierre Joseph Lavedan and Dr. Anna Lavedan

Ms. Kristen Leighton

Dr. Mary Lindauer and Mr. Patrick Lindauer

Lockheed Martin Employees' Political Action Committee

Lone Star Furnishings, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. David Lopez

Col. and Mrs. Dennis Madl

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Meynard

Midtown Medical Imaging

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Migliaccio

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neff

Mrs. Bonnie Matetich O'Brien ‘66

Paladini Financial Mgt., Inc.

Mrs. Mary C. Pastusek

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pecot

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Pick

Pointwise, Inc.

Print Mail Pro

Mrs. Heather Rainey and Mr. Paul Rainey ‘90

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riethman

Mr. and Mrs. Akram Rihani

Mr. Jordan Rihani ‘01

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rowe

Mr. Ben Saladino ‘86

Mr. Ed Serna

Shea Family Charitable Trust, Jean Ann Shea Stahl

Mr. and Mrs. John Souders

St. Maria Goretti Catholic School

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Standerfer

Mrs. Margaret Burciaga Taylor ‘77 and Mr. David Taylor

Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson

Mrs. Franceen Shocklee Thompson ‘72 and Mr. Peter Thompson ‘72

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. John Van Zanten

Mr. and Mrs. Theodis Ware

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Westerlage


Blue and White Circle

$250 - $499

Anonymous Donations (3)

Ms. Ginda Abraham ‘66

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Adami

Ms. Julie Alvarez ‘89

American Airlines Charity Trust Account

Mrs. Katie Anthony and Mr. John Anthony ‘82

Mr. and Mrs. John Beasley

Mr. and Mrs. David Beaudin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Behee

Mr. and Mrs. John Blakeway

Mrs. Mary Walsh Blaschke ‘67 and Mr. Dennis Blaschke ‘67

Mr. and Mrs. Derrick J. Breclaw

Mr. and Mrs. David Bryant

Mrs. Teresa Doskocil Burda ‘78 and Mr. Michael Burda ‘78

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Bienvenido Camungol

Mr. and Mrs. Agustin Cano

Ms. Teresa Castillo

Mr. and Mrs. William Child

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cleary

Mrs. Mia Cook and Mr. Mike Cook ‘87

Mr. and Mrs. John Delvac

Mrs. Nancy Friedman Donohoo ’64 and Mr. William Donohoo ‘64

Drs. Alexander Orthodontics

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Flores

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flores

FM Global Foundation

Mrs. Mary Gieb and Mr. Robert Gieb ‘65

Ms. Ann D. De Angelis and Dr. Ralph Gilmore, Jr. ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. John Gilpin

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Honorable and Mrs. Ruben Gonzalez

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Hazel

Ms. JoAnn Herness ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. James Holdridge

Intel Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kardaras

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Keen

Kendra Scott

Rev. Thomas Kennedy ‘71

Mrs. Margaret N. Kennedy

Mrs. Kathy Schumacher Kyle ‘79 and Mr. Frank Kyle

Mrs. Ann Handler Lawler, Class of ‘83 and Mr. Brad Lawler

Ms. Stacy Korgerus and Mr. David Mabry

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Matzen

Dr. Marea Meadows and Mr. Marc Meadows

Ms. Alexandria Mechalske ‘08

Mr. Gregory Miller ‘70

Mrs. Anna Marie Bordovsky Moncrief ’66 and Mr. William A. Moncrief III

Ms. Betsy Moyer

Mrs. Katie Rosenboom Murphy ‘02 and Mr. Kevin Murphy ‘02

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nagid

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neff

Mrs. Constance Ochoa and Mr. Oscar Ochoa ‘83

Mr. and Mrs. William Ott

Dr. Christine Quatro Ott ‘81 and Mr. Jeffrey Ott

P.S. Hollis Trust

Mrs. Graciela Partido

Ms. Jennifer Pelletier

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Peterson

Mr. Joe Primavera

Mrs. Jennifer McDonald Proctor ‘83 and Mr. Dan Proctor

Mr. Dan Puckett

Mrs. Deborah Regalbuto and Mr. Michael Regalbuto ‘80

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reiter

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Renner

Mrs. Mary Clark Robinson ’78 and Mr. Paul Robinson ‘78

Mrs. Laura Rutherford and Mr. Neal Rutherford ‘83

Mr. and Mrs. George Salerno

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Schiml

Mr. Matthew Schmidt ‘09

Ms. Megan Soyer

Mr. and Mrs. David Spotts

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sutton

Mrs. Janet Mata Thomas ’85 and Mr. Grant Thomas

Mrs. Kristi Adcock Trampe ’78 and Mr. David R. Trampe

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Vu

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilie

Mr. Daniel Wilson

Viking Circle

Gifts up to $249

Anonymous Donations (9)

Mrs. Virginia Abraham

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aleman

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Alford

Ms. Sharron Alford

Ms. Jennifer Alford

Ms. Penny Allison

Mrs. Susan Shirey Anderson ’93 and Mr. Ronnie Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Angus

Mrs. Kimberly Ansberry

Mr. Jose Arriaga ‘19

Ms. Monica Ashour ‘83

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Atienza

Mrs. Mabel Atkinson

Mrs. Tammy Wolfe Austin ‘89 and Mr. Christopher Austin ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Javier Avila

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamine Baca

Ms. Caroline Barbini

Mr. Michael Barbolla ‘75

Mr. Robert Barham

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barragan

Mr. and Mrs. John Bartosiewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bates

Mrs. Lisa Flori Bautz ’83 and Mr. Andrew Bautz

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Becht

Ms. Jennifer Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Belauskas

Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Beltran

Ms. Heidi Benitez

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett

Mr. Ernie Bennett

Ms. Melissa Bernardez

Ms. Lauren Black

Dr. Hilda Black and Mr. Eric Black

Ms. Marissa Black

Mr. and Mrs. James Blair

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Blanchard

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Blandford

Mrs. Robin Bolliger and Mr. Fred Bolliger ‘65

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bosquez

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bourgoin

Mrs. Thelma Flores Box ‘76

Ms. Helen Bradley ‘72

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brady

Mr. Robert Brassil

Ms. Charlotte Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Browder

Mr. Lance Brown

Mr. Ronald Brown

Mr. Paul Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryan

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Buley

Bunge Oils

Ms. Deirdre Byrne ‘81

Mr. Henry Cagigal ‘79

Mr. Geoffrey Calvin ‘04

Ms. Rosalinda Flournoy and Mr. Homero Camargo

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Campbell

Ms. Alice Cantu

Mr. and Mrs. James Carrasco

Mrs. Kathleen Cash ‘91

Mrs. Elva Castillo

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Castorina

Mr. and Mrs. Robb Catalano

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cawyer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cecil

Mrs. Alexandra Aue Cekuta ‘05 and Mr. Christopher Cekuta

Cengage Learning

Ms. Venessa Cerda

Ms. Helen Cerda

Mrs. Lucy Chagachbanian

Ms. Linda Chagachbannian

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cheney

Mrs. Lila Chiappetta

Mrs. Diana Chisholm and Mr. Rod Chisholm IV ‘88

Ms. Mary Chisholm

Ms. Michelle Ciacchella ‘18

Dr. and Mrs. Sebastian Ciacchella

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ciskowski

Mrs. Laura Martinez Coalter ‘84 and Mr. Robert A. Coalter

Mrs. Karen LaCroix Coby ‘66 and Mr. Patrick Coby

Coca-Cola GIVE

Dr. Michele Cole and Dr. Gary Cole

Mrs. Sylvia Coleman

Ms. Maryann Coleridge

Ms. Patricia Connelly ‘63


Mrs. Jean Conway

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cordell

Ms. Brianna Cowart

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Crisafulli

Mr. Neal Cruz

Ms. Jennifer Dahmer

Mr. Joseph Dalton ‘81

Mr. Michael Davidson

Mrs. Kelly McGoey Dehner ‘85

Ms. Erin Del Buono

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Del Signore

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Delatore

Mr. and Mrs. John Delatore

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Delgado

Mr. Raymond Depta

Mr. Albert DerTatevasian

Mr. and Mrs. Mario DeSantiago

Mr. and Mrs. George Devejian

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dixon

Ms. Lorena Dominguez

Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Donato

Ms. Karen Doolittle ‘62

Mrs. Missy Pouttu Doskocil ‘91 and Mr. Doug Doskocil ‘88

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Dozier

Mrs. Margaret Duane

Mr. and Mrs. David Duman

Mrs. Ellen Dungan

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dungan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eder

Brig Gen David G. Ehrhart, Retired

Mrs. Loretta Bernardy Endres ‘94 and Mr. Brad Endres

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome English

Dr. and Mrs. Ira Epstein

Ms. Anne Ermish

Mrs. Gil Burciaga Espinoza ‘77 and Mr. Tony Espinoza

Mrs. Theresa Estrada and Mr. Richard Estrada ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Estrella

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ewert

Mr. and Mrs. James Farley

Ms. Stevanie Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fiore

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fisher

Ms. Tonia Fishman

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Fisk

Mrs. Theresa Tallas Flaherty ‘78 and Mr. Tom Flaherty

Mrs. Robyn Flores and Mr. John Flores ‘88

Ms. Sylvia Flores

Ms. Karla Flores

Ms. Teri Foster

Ms. Kathleen Frank ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. Max Frei

Mr. Jeremy Freyre ‘13

Ms. Amanda Friehauf

Ms. Colleen Gale

Mrs. Angie Waldson Gallaway ‘97 and Mr. Jonathan Gallaway

Mr. and Mrs. Refugio Garcia

Mrs. Mary Jo Kyle Garst ‘64

Mr. and Mrs. Thom Gassert

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Geiser

Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Gernhauser

Mr. Conor Gillen ‘04

Mrs. Denise Gillen and Mr. Brian Gillen ‘76

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gnatovic

Mr. Joel Gomez

Ms Mary Kathryn Kleuser Anderson ‘67 and Mr. Warren Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gravel

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Griffin

Ms. Sharon Griffin

Dr. and Mrs. Kelly Grimes

Dr. Anne Guenzel ‘71

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Guhl

Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Guzman

Mrs. Kathy Handler and Mr. David Handler ‘78

Mrs. Laurie Selbitschka Harte ‘88 and Mr. Kevin T. Harte

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hartwell

Ms. Donna Sauma and Mr. Brian Hayden

Mrs. Kathy Ruiz Hebert ’77 and Mr. Michael Hebert ‘78

Ms. Mary Heidt ‘12

Mrs. Jenny Schmidt Henderson ‘10 and Mr. John W. Henderson

Ms. Rosie Hernandez

Ms. Freedom Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Cory Hoad

Mr. James Hoang

Mr. Gregory Hoffman ‘17

Mr. James Honquest

Ms. Elizabeth Hood ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Horak

Mr. and Mrs. William Hornick

Mr. and Mrs. J. Colby Horton

Ms. Ruth Huang

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hubartt

Dr. Natalie Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Huffman

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Hull

Mrs. Sharon Pannell Hydak ‘65 and Mr. Al Hydak

Mrs. Anita Ikowe

Mrs. Ellen Jacobi and Mr. Joseph Jacobi ‘73

Mrs. Pam Weaver Jacoby ‘70 and Mr. M.G. Jacoby

Mr. and Mrs. James Janowiak

Mrs. Steffany Jay and Mr. James Jay IV ‘81

Mr. and Mrs. Byron M. Jenkins

Ms. Sandra Jensen

Mr. Allan Jno Baptiste

Ms. Jeanette Johnston

Dr. and Mrs. Harlan Jones

Mr. Stephen Joyce

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kai

Mrs. Holly Kashinsky

Mrs. and Mrs. Timothy Keen

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Keever

Ms. Sandra Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kiehlbauch

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kirk

Mr. Roger Kirkpatrick

Dr. and Mrs. John Kitowski

Mrs. Carol Hunter Klocek ‘85 and Dr. John Klocek ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kolker

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kopf

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kopp

Mrs. Jennifer A. LaCicero

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Larson

Ms. Nancy Lazzaroni

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Le

Ms. Dorothy Leaderer

Ms. Elvia Zavala and Mr. Oscar Lechuga

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Ledet

Ms. Kimberly Lee

Mrs. Carol Walsh Leito ‘75 and Mr. Jim Leito, III ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leshner

Ms. Rachel Leshner

Mrs. Natalie Leshner-Sylvia and Mr. Michael Linwood-Sylvia

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lester

Mrs. Mary Tye Lewis ‘88 and Mr. Craig Lewis

Mr. Tony Lewis

Mr. Donald Lievrouw ‘79

Ms. Thelma Linkka

Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore LoCoco

Mr. and Mrs. Mukishi Longo

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lonnquist

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lopez

Mrs. Jeanne Radle Lott ’90 and Mr. Brian Lott

Ms. Joy Lott

Mrs. Cecilia Lunt and Mr. John Lunt ‘65

Mr. Lance Lusk

Ms. Kathy MacNeill

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Madl

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maly

Mr. Kyle Mankin

Mrs. Shelley Manriquez

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Marquardt

Dr. and Mrs. Rey Marquino

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Martin

Ms. Veronica Martinez ‘77

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Martinez

Mr. Tim Martinez ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mattler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McAvoy

Ms. Kathy McCoy

Ms. Karman McDaniel

Mr. Donald McDevitt ‘78

Mrs. Kathy McMahon

Mrs. Mary Anthony McNulty ‘81 and Mr. Brian McNulty

Ms. Kathleen Lambrix McRae ‘64

Mrs. Diane Burns Mills ‘80 and Mr. Tim Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Mira

Mr. Ronald Mohnickey

Ms. Erica Montevirgen

Ms. Julia Moon ‘09

Mrs. Paula Mouton

Mrs. Beattie Muraski

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Murdoch

Ms. Asan Murphree

Mr. Patrick Neal ‘65

Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson

Mrs. Anna Nemec

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neumayer

Ms. Asan Hoang and Mr. Van Nguyen

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Nguyen

Mot Nguyen

Mr. Vu Khac Nguyen

Mr. Duc Nguyen

Mrs. Jennifer Hayes Nickels ‘89 and Mr. David B. Nickels

Mr. Michael Noble

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Norris

Ms. Marcia Norris

Dr. Sarah O’Brien and Mr. John O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Obudzinski

Ms. Louri O'Leary-Harrison ’78 and Mr. Jim Harrison

Mrs. Karen Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Malley

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Orlowski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ornelas

Mrs. Diane Diaz Ornelas ‘81 and Mr. Robert Ornelas ‘79

Mrs. James Wiggins Overtree

Ms. Tori Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Palomo

Dr. Victoria Pang

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Paniagua

Mr. and Mrs. John Parker

Mr. and Mrs. George Paschall

Mrs. Heather Pearson and Mr. Tony Pearson ‘95

Mr. Martin Perez ‘18

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Perez

Mrs. Sara Peterson and Mr. Matthew Peterson ‘07

Mrs. Amy Renner Petrie ’87 and Mr. Shawn Petrie

Ms. Linda Pham

Mr. Joey Phelps

Mr. David Phillips

Mrs. Lisa Flanary Phillips ‘97 and Mr. John T. Phillips

Ms. Frances Pieters ‘69

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Ponce

Mrs. Stacy Preston and Mr. Landon Preston ‘03

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Purpura

Mr. Fred Quatro ‘81

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quattrochi

Mrs. Kim Radle

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Radle

Ms. Elizabeth Radle

Mrs. Adreanna Velasquez Ramirez ‘95 and Mr. Peter Ramirez

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rattliff

Mrs. Luz Garcia Ravelo ‘90 and Mr. Nicolas Ravelo ‘90

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reed

Ms. Anna Reed

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Reeves

Ms. Cynthia Revote

Mr. Kenneth Revote

Ms. Juanita Reyna

Mr. and Mrs. John Rhadigan

Ms. Deborah Richardson ‘67 and Mr. Rod Richardson

Ms. Sharon Richey

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richmond

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ridenour

Mrs. Julie DeSantis Rios ‘84 and Mr. Tim Rios

Mr. and Mrs. John Rivas

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roanhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robilllard

Mrs. Julie Rodriguez and Mr. Xavier Rodriguez ‘90

Ms. Claudia Rodriguez

Mrs. Catherine Ashour Rodriguez ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Romero

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Rosales

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Ross

Mrs. Joanne M. Ruppel

Mr. Landon Russell ‘14

Mrs. Suzanne Rycroft

Mr. and Mrs. Elias Saba

Mrs. Judy Saladino

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Saladino

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Saldana

Mr. and Mrs. Esequiel Sanchez

Mr. and Mrs. Silvestre Sanchez

Mr. and Mrs. John Sandusky

Ms. Tiana Sanford ‘00

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sauer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schuricht

Mrs. Julie Wegman Schwebel ‘96 and Mr. Gerardo Schwebel

Maj. And Mrs. Gerald Schwebel

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Selbitschka

Mr. and Mrs. David Seyer

Ms. Louise Sharpe

Mr. Riley Shaw ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shearer

Mr. Benjamin Shields ‘16

Ms. Maribel Sibal

Mrs. Elinor Simmons

Mr. Mark Socha

Mrs. Frances Wing Soechting ‘78 and Dr. Henry Soechting

Mrs. Mary-Margaret Meyer Soknich ‘06 and Mr. Sam Soknich

Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Sotelo

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Starks

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steining

Mr. Lucas Steining ‘16

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Stewart

Ms. Kathryn Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stranczek

Mr. Mark Stranczek

Mrs. Jill Wegman Suda ‘99 and Mr. Jeff Suda

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sulak

Mr. and Mrs. David Swaim

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tackett

Mr. Jake Taylor

Mrs. Anne Devaney Taylor ‘87

Ms. Carolyn Teel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tenny

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tepera

Mrs. Kim Terrell

Mr. David Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Torres

Mr. Hai Tran

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Trinidad

Mrs. Veronica Davidson Tucker ‘94 and Mr. Aaron Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Utendorf

Mrs. Amy Bartosiewicz Utendorf ‘95 and Mr. Kevin Utendorf

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Varga

Rev. Oscar Vasquez, SM

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Vela

Ms. Vonne Velez

Mrs. Dolores Villegas

Mr. and Mrs. Phuc Vu

Dr. Beverly Dolenz Walsh ‘84 and Dr. Thomas Walsh ‘84

Mrs. Kimberly Watkins and Mr. Scott Watkins ‘96

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wegman

Ms. Jennifer Wegman ‘94

Mrs. Sarah Smiley Weik ‘04 and Mr. Joe Weik ‘06

Mrs. Theresa West and Mr. Christopher West ‘08

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wichter

Mrs. Suzanne Wiemar and Mr. Kenneth Wiemar ‘68

Ms. Cheryl Ference and Mr. Robert Williams

Ms. Judy Winaski ‘66

Mrs. Angela Alfred Wood ‘88 and Mr. Mike Wood ‘86

Mr. Jim Wuis

Ms. Yvonne Yanez and Mr. Tommy Esquivel

Mrs. Lupe Yanez

Ms. Rebekah Yarmchuk ‘12

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yokell

Dr. Carolyn Washington Yusuf ‘62

Mrs. Pauline Zamora

Mr. Wendall Zartman ‘69

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zavala

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zavala

Ms. Rebecca Zavala ‘13

Ms. Daniela Zavala ‘15

Mr. Buz Ziegler ‘66

Z's Cafe and Catering

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zylkowski

Donor lists are carefully compiled, but there is the possibility of error.
If your name was omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact Michele Cole, Ed.D., Executive Director for Development at

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