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Letter from President Rios - March 20, 2020

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Friday, March 20

Good Evening, Nolan Catholic Families and Students!

I must say I am truly grateful for all the positivity from our students and families. I would like to say thank you to all of our students who are helping us in planning and creating virtual experiences for all of our planned activities on the calendar. I am truly honored to work along-side our staff as they continue educating our students and keeping them engaged! It has been so empowering to see our educators extend their strengths from the general education classroom into a virtual learning experience. Many of our educators and administrators have also been working to offer supports and sample lessons to partner schools and other districts in an effort to share resources and instructional practices with fellow educators.

A HUGE shout-out to our administration and communication teams for keeping us connected and engaged as a community. Our administrators have been excellent in providing support for our teachers daily during this transition with professional learning communities a few times a week and daily meetings and trainings. Super star status!

Thank you, also, to our counselors, learning support, facilities, business office, development, admissions, office staff, receptionists, teachers, and coaches! Every single person has been working tirelessly in a whole new way and I am so grateful for each of them!

Our hope is to continue embracing the Viking spirit generated on our virtual campus! Father Moon and the campus ministries department are working to continue our Thursday school-wide Mass days virtually with either Mass or prayer. Father Moon's live Rosary this morning reached over 1,500 people and almost 900 views and growing. Thank you for joining us in prayer and your patience with our delays. We’ve got it down for next week!

As stated by Governor Abbott today, we will adhere to all expectations set by our government leaders. We would like to share the Executive Order established by Governor Abbott's office this morning. This order states that all schools, including private schools, must close by midnight tonight, March 20, 2020 and cannot reopen until midnight April 3, 2020. Of course, online learning may continue during this time.

We are working to keep all previously scheduled items on the calendar as we continue to move forward virtually. For example, our students have just been tapped virtually for NHS. Those tapped will be eligible to apply for NHS. We will share the video with all of you as it is scheduled to go out tomorrow to individual students and we will also post in the weekly newsletter from Mr. Perales tomorrow. Our NHS leaders and moderators did a great job! There are many other activities we are working to adapt as well. Prepare yourselves...wait for it...we are preparing for a blue-out and a virtual pep-rally for next Friday. So... get your blue ready! We may need you to contribute a video with your Viking pride!!

Thank you, again! I will be in touch in a few days. Please read all communication sent out from the principal's office as there will be quite a bit of information included about upcoming activities.

Hey, Students!

Guess what??

YOU.... ARE.... wait for iiiit (sing it with drum roll and drag it out for special effect) .... AWESOME!! :) Miss you all!

Many blessings and prayers for good health to each of you!

Leah Rios

President, Nolan Catholic High School

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