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Nolan Catholic High School Master Plan Project: 

Expanding the Experience


As part of Nolan Catholic High School Master Plan Project, we are Expanding the Experience. Nolan Catholic is reimagining our environment through the lens of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Over the next two years, we will open new academic, social, and spiritual facilities that will provide our students the opportunity to grow as thinkers, citizens, and servant leaders. We are preparing today’s Catholic students to be tomorrow’s Catholic leaders.


This plan sets a course for our future. It’s ambitious and innovative, and best of all, it’s already becoming a reality. 


But big dreams like these manifest only when determination, faith, and enthusiasm come together. Members of the Nolan Catholic community are coming forward to help make this master plan a reality. Family after family has joined the effort, and together, progress is happening faster than anyone realized it could.


If you are interested in joining this effort with a transformative, philanthropic gift, please contact:

Kristy Webb, President


Project Overview

  • We are converting our courtyards into beautiful outdoor learning environments that will provide new, experiential learning opportunities in arts, sciences, and more.

  • Improved athletic facilities will foster community and spiritual growth through competition and school pride.

  • Upgrades to the equipment in our engineering, technology, and arts programs will provide students with brand-new, industry-standard equipment that will prepare our Vikings for college and careers.

  • The IDEA Building, which includes a multipurpose facility, will provide performance space for dance, music, and theatre, and an art gallery will allow students to connect through the beauty of self-expression.

  • New learning spaces will allow faculty the freedom to design curriculum with a focus on collaboration, interaction, and hands-on experiences.




The campus has truly been transformed while we were away this past Spring and Summer. There are incredible outdoor spaces that have beautiful teak furniture for our students to study, pray, have lunch, and work in small groups for classroom assignments. These benches and table/chair sets are available to acknowledge an important event in your life and be a part of a lifelong connection to Nolan Catholic High School.

You may purchase a bench or table/chair set to:

  • Celebrate a graduation

  • Honor a loved one

  • Remember a family member or friend

  • Observe a special occasion

  • Leave your personal mark on Nolan Catholic High School

Located throughout campus, the tables and benches are seen daily by students, faculty, alumni, friends, and visitors to our campus. It is a permanent tribute to those individuals who have made Nolan Catholic High School the outstanding institution it is today.

All commemorative bench/table purchases support Nolan Catholic High School's Expanding the Experience Campaign. We have $7 million left to raise. This is a special opportunity to make your mark on Nolan Catholic High School while contributing to the success of future Vikings.

If you are interested, please contact Kristy Webb at



We’ve greatly enhanced safety and security without sacrificing aesthetics. Students and visitors will immediately feel welcome as they enter through the modern front entryway. Guests will also notice the eye-catching terrazzo flooring, additional restrooms, and open-air courtyards that can be used for spiritual reflection or as an outdoor learning space.


Nolan Catholic High School will be the only private school in Fort Worth with an on-campus natatorium. The multi-purpose aquatic center will feature a 25-meter swimming pool with 10 lanes, a diving platform, and a spectator area that will showcase our student-athletes. The natatorium will be open to all students, faculty, and staff, and the aquatic center will also host a wave of health and fitness programs throughout the Diocese.


The theatre and auditorium now feature state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, which will create a wealth of learning experiences for our Technical Theatre students. We also upgraded the seating in the auditorium, so students, faculty, and patrons of the arts will have an even more enjoyable experience at plays, musicals, recitals, and other events.


This collaborative learning space and multipurpose facility will allow our award-winning Robo Vikes team to compete at a higher level with the best high school programs in the country. The IDEA Building is at the center of our premiere engineering academy, which is a series of classes designed to prepare students for college and careers. The IDEA Building will also be the home to our arts, broadcasting, and photography courses, and the multipurpose center will feature an art gallery and a stage for artistic performances.

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