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Nolan Catholic is a Catholic diocesan high school distinguished by its commitment to integrating theology into every aspect: academics, activities, athletics, and social development. As a Catholic school, Nolan Catholic students, teachers, and administrators work to:

  • Explore the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness throughout every subject and incorporate these values throughout the campus.

  • Promote belief in universal truths and moral standards.

  • Read traditional and classical literature while studying literary elements to probe its insights and life lessons.

  • Use math, science, and technology to reveal the order, harmony, and mystery of the world.

  • Place less reliance on multiple choice assessments, while gaining a greater understanding of reasoned essay writing.

  • Encourage mastery of language, grammar, and elegant, persuasive public speaking.

  • Show the unity of faith, reason, and wisdom in all discussions

  • Expect high standards of student behavior. 

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