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“Religion is not taught; it is communicated. Religion is installed more deeply in the spirits and hearts of the students through the atmosphere that permeates the school than through teaching.”

- Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, founder of the Marianist Family.

At the heart of our educational mission lies a commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth and character development of each student.

Led by our dedicated full-time Campus Minister and Chaplain, our program offers a profound and authentic Catholic experience within the walls of our campus. Through daily prayers, daily Liturgy services, regular confession opportunities, and weekly adoration, we provide students with the chance to deepen their faith and forge a personal connection with Jesus Christ.

But we don't stop there. Our unique features, such as the LIFE team and our House System, set us apart.

The LIFE team empowers students to lead the spiritual life of the school, fostering leadership skills and a sense of responsibility. Meanwhile, our House System is more than just a mentorship program; it's a powerful means to build lasting friendships, create a strong school identity, and foster a faith community. Each student is assigned to one of our six houses, where they form deep bonds with both peers and mentors, working together to ensure the spiritual growth of our entire school.

Through these transformative experiences, we believe in shaping not just educated minds, but also compassionate and godly hearts, forging a path toward a brighter future for each student.

Equipo de admisiones

Metzler_Fr. Brett.JPG

Father Brett Metzler



Erika Bunt

Director of Campus Ministry

Horario de servicio

Nolan Catholic High School se asocia con intellivol para brindar a nuestros estudiantes una plataforma en línea para registrar y realizar un seguimiento de sus horas de servicio. Una vez que los estudiantes están registrados y capacitados en Nolan, pueden ir a x2VOL para iniciar sesión y comenzar a registrar sus horas de servicio. Los estudiantes también pueden descargar la aplicación x2VOL para registrar y monitorear sus horas en sus teléfonos inteligentes. 

Obtenga más información sobre las oportunidades de horas de servicio del ministerio cristiano

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