Christian Ministry Requirements and Consequences

† The Spirituality of Service

Christian Ministry is the freely offered gift of one’s time, talents and personality. We can be Christ for others in many ways. While some of the agencies where we carry out our ministry are not “Church-related”, we consider the student’s contribution to be “Christian ministry” in that our faith is the motivation, prayer is the source of our strength, and to serve as Jesus did is our goal.

† An Opportunity to Learn

Christian Ministry is an opportunity to learn and grow in ways that are impossible in a classroom. Through Christian ministry, students may discover their personal gifts, values, limitations, and perhaps, dreams for the future. They will learn about people and have their eyes opened to the problems and challenges in our community.

† Choosing A Ministry

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It is the investment of oneself that makes for rewarding ministry. While there are many short term ministry opportunities, it is recommended that the student make a long term commitment (a semester, a summer, a year) to one ministry, especially in the junior year. This will give a student the opportunity to develop relationships, become experienced in his/her field, and perhaps witness changes or growth in those being helped. The agency also benefits because they can count on the student’s dedicated service. In selecting an agency, one should be sure it meets the criteria outlined below. If there is ANY question, please see the Director of Christian Ministry.

As the student logs in the time served, the opportunity for reflection is part of the logging process. It gives the student a chance to reflect on what was really accomplished, not only in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual, psychological, emotional, etc. realms that most surely accompany the ministry. It is in this setting, that much of the learning takes place. In addition, the senior level Christian Vocations/Ministry course offers another opportunity to synthesize one’s ministry experiences.

NCHS is using an online service record website, Each student must have an account within one month of coming to NCHS. Failure to have an account means that student is not participating in the graduation requirement. Because of this, the student will be put on CM probation until the account is created, upon which time the probation will be lifted. Incoming freshmen must register on the system.