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Netgear WIFI Routers are the best option in the case of wireless routers. You can use them as Modem-cum-router, wireless extender, etc. Whenever you want to access the Router login settings, use a web browser and type login. It will take you to the web-based management page. Here you can administer your Netgear WIFI Network settings and save them. Once you update the Orbi login settings for your router, sit patiently. It takes at least five minutes to show the new change on your router. While setting up your Netgear router, make sure you can plug in the router directly to the wall jack. Orbi blue light or solid white LED light between your router and the satellite is a good symbol. Amber LED means the connection with the router is fair. But it is recommended to move the Orbi satellite closer to the Orbi router and try again to get them associated with each other. Then navigate to the IP address into the search bar.

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