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How to train this pup while keeping my sanity intact? - 2022 Guide

Did you get a new dog? Must be so fun and interesting!!! If you are a new emotional support dog owner, you may have realized that the behavior of your dream dog cannot come naturally. After the esa letter for housing process is completed, it is important to train the dog otherwise all your furniture will be destroyed and you may have constant loud barking that keeps all of your neighbors up every night.

You may have got the doggo from a pet store or a breeder or maybe you have encountered one of those creative ads on the newspaper or on the internet. Whatever the source may be you decided to check it out and before you know it you had your heart melting because of those cute little eyes and fluffy fur. After you headed home with that ball of happy energy in your arms, you might be wondering:

In this era of genius ideas, it has become really easy to train your dog at home especially if it is an emotional support dog. Dogs do not hold anything against humans. It is commonly known that they worked very hard to please their owners all the time. Dogs never leave the side of their handlers and their quality of companionship makes them one of the best emotional support animals.

Let us read about some troubles that an untrained emotional support dog can bring with its upsetting behavior:

  • It can steal things and chew on them

  • It can run around madly

  • It can cause chaos

  • It can damage expensive household items

  • An untrained dog may also demonstrate some upsetting behavior patterns. For instance, encroaching the garden of the neighbors or digging up mud all day long.

  • An untrained dog can be a menace not only to the handler but to everyone who lives in close proximity.

  • Eventually an untrained dog may have to be housebound or restrained and this is not liked by any individual or an emotional support animal owner who has a soft heart.

There are a lot of ways which can be used to train a dog. The most effective method is to choose a schedule and stick to it. Like all the other affairs of life, consistency is key in this one as well. A well-trained dog is also a well-behaved dog. If an emotional support dog has a nice behavior, then the owner can easily overcome his or her fears of loneliness and stress. A well-trained dog will know how to act around the handler.

Here’s a fact that no one can escape: Training a dog takes a substantial amount of time!

Emotional support dog owners have to be patient and they will probably have the most success if they consistently give their dog at least 15 minutes to half an hour everyday. These sessions can also increase in frequency. For instance, there can be two or three sessions each day for training. If an emotional support dog owner is taking their dog outdoors for physical training then they must ensure that they are keeping an emotional support animal letter with them at all times. This can assist in the prevention of a lot of problems. The focus of training should be positive reinforcement in all the cases. This means that if a dog manifests good behavior, it should be rewarded by the owner. Another rule of training is that the trainer must never resort to punishment otherwise the bond between the human and the animal will not be strengthened.

There are a lot of disadvantages of punishing a potential emotional support animal. If you want additional layers of negative behavior being demonstrated from the behavior of your dog, then by all means go for it! If a dog leaves scraps of its food inside the home rather than throwing them outside the home, and if you punish it during that time, there are chances that it may learn where not to throw food scraps. This can result in the scenario that a dog will simply food scraps wherever it wants to.

Here are some easy hacks for training your ESA dog at home:

  • Start the course with obedience training

  • Go outdoors everyday with the dog to prevent antisocial behavior

  • Train the for deep pressure therapy to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Watch dog training videos with your ESA letter.

  • Reward the ESA with all kinds of treats after it has displayed favorable behavior

  • Make the home environment colorful

  • The general space in which the dog generally lives should mirror its natural habitat

  • Make use of the furniture to train the dog

  • Train the dog to relax its body every once in a while to avoid unnecessary pressure

It is advised for the dog owners that they should always maintain a sense of authority when they are instructing their dog. At the same time, they are also required to demonstrate calm because it has been observed that the dogs are much better at adopting and picking up the body language of their owners as compared to the spoken word. If the ESA dog owner loses their temperament, there is a high probability that the dog will undermine the next verbal commands of their owner.

The owners of emotional support dogs may experience extra troubles in this case. There are many moments of anxiety whereby ESA dog owners want that their fluffy friends must take control of the situation. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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