Cursus Humanitas: Spring Publication


 Gabrielle Cottraux Editor-in-chief

Gabrielle Cottraux

Dear Reader,

Every year, I’m more and more surprised at how fast the time has passed. Especially around this time of year, it feels like I just need to pause and catch my breath, except there’s no time because I have projects to finish and papers to write and AP exams to prep for and finals to cram for and...well, the list goes on. This year though, I feel like I’ve been ambushed. Just yesterday, I was starting my last first day of high school, the beginning of senior year. At the time, it seemed like I had the whole year ahead of me, but now, I find myself approaching deadline after deadline, and, in a way, that’s kind of what working on Cursus is like. We start the year off feeling like we have all the time in the world to plan our our next edition, but every semester, the deadlines creep up on us, until we stress, stress, stress. It sounds like a hectic process (believe me, it is), but each time, we pull it off better than the last (completely unbiased here though!).

In the process of reviewing all our submissions, Mrs. McAvoy, one of our faculty readers, pointed out something that none of us had really noticed: this edition has the overarching theme of change. The juxtaposition of the images featured in this edition not only speak to the seasonal changes, but also, to the overarching feeling of change at Nolan. The senior class, in the midst of all our stress and angst, has to seriously grapple with the idea of leaving the people and places we’ve known for so long to go off to college. The junior class has to prepare to face their first bout with “Do you know where you want to go to school yet?” questions this summer. The sophomore class has to start thinking about scary acronyms like PSAT and SAT and ACT, and suddenly, they start feeling like they need H-E-L-P. And finally, the freshmen class, who really doesn’t have much to worry about, but they think they do (oh come on, we all know it’s true. . .). My point is, it’s a time of change for everyone. But if the Cursus is any indication, you just have to get past that period of crippling stress in order to pull [insert goal] off.

As this is my final publication of Cursus, I’d like to say a quick thank you to the editors, Hayle Chen, Victoria Rodriguez, and Hannah Brennan. Thank you for putting up with my frantic texts and keeping me sane throughout this process! It was such an honor working with such a smart, witty group of young women, and I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished this year. Cursus wouldn’t be possible without y’all!!

I am so proud to present the hard work of these talented students in this semester’s edition of Cursus, and I hope you all find these essays, poems, drawings, and photos as captivating and beautiful as we at Cursus have!

Happy Reading!
Gabrielle Cottraux

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