Blue Heart Week


MONDAY - Raising Awareness
Students will receive a Blue Heart Sticker to wear all day.

TUESDAY - Raising Funds
LIFE Team will sponsor a Muffin Sale before school.
Muffins cost $1.00 each and include blue Mardi Gras beads!
• Find a baby in your muffin and win a gift card!

WEDNESDAY - Raising Our Voices in Prayer
Pray to end hum trafficking, and for everyone affected by it.

THURSDAY - Be Mindful
Wear blue socks to school to show support for victims of human trafficking.

FRIDAY - Be Supportive
BLUE OUT DAY - $5 jeans to support the Blue Heart Campaign
• Wear your Blue Heart shirt and jeans are included!
• Come out and support the Viking basketball teams at Blue Heart Senior Night! Girls at 6:00pm, followed by boys at 7:30pm.