Annual Winterfest Regional German Competition

2018-01-27 Winterfest (25).JPG

Over the weekend 34 Nolan Catholic German Club students competed in the Annual Winterfest Regional German Competition. Our students competed in a variety of contests against nearly 500 students from 30 different schools.

Please join us in congratulating the following students:

Cooking Events
1st Place, Cookies – Ann DeRuntz
2nd Place, Other Desserts – Emily Alexander
3rd Place, Meats – Julian Ermish
4th Place, Meats – Thomas Greve

The following students qualify to compete in their event(s) at the Texas State German Contest at the end of February:

Academic Events
5th Place, Spelling Level 1 – Ann DeRuntz
4th Place, Spelling Test Level 3 – Adrianna Helm
2nd Place, Spelling Test Level 4 – Matthew Ross
2nd Place, Culture Test Level 1 – Jude Hardee
5th Place, Research Paper – Will Birbeck

1st Place, Sight Reading Level 3 – Coleman Meadows
2nd Place, Sight Reading Level 3 – John Conover
3rd Place, Sight Reading Level 4 – Matthew Ross

1st Place, Prose Reading Level 1 – Ann DeRuntz
1st Place, Poetry Reading Level 3 – Adrianna Helm
5th Place, Poetry Memory Level 3 – Emily Alexander
1st Place, Poetry Memory Level 4 – Matthew Ross

Arts Events
1st Place, Schulwappen (Coat of Arms) – Coleman Meadows, Matthew Ross, & Grace Lindauer
3rd Place, Photo Essay – Maggie Stuckey & Colin Smith

Team Events
4th Place, Pass Auf! (Trivia Team) – Matthew Ross, Coleman Meadows, Matthew Putze, Thomas Greve, Jude Hardee, Will Birbeck, Grace Chambers
4th Place, Folk Dancing – Adrianna Helm, Maggie Stuckey, Ivana Moya, Mia Stavens, Abby Gabehart, Colin Smith, Sut Mung Marip, Daniel Neff, Anthony Phan, Matthew Putze
3rd Place, Puppet Show (Lower Level) – Ryan Cussnick & Max Corato

Sweepstakes Awards (based on overall student achievement)
1st Place, Sports Sweepstakes (Small Schools)
3rd Place, Cultural Sweepstakes (Small Schools)
3rd Place, Overall Sweepstakes (Small Schools) - This was Nolan's first time to ever place in the top 5 for overall sweepstakes!