Learning Support SERVICES

Nolan Catholic High School strives to identify students’ unique needs, especially those that will affect their classroom performance. Although we do not write Individualized Education Plans, nor provide formal special education services, we do recognize the responsibility to provide accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities have the opportunity to obtain a Nolan Catholic High School diploma. In order for a student to receive classroom accommodations, please review the NCHS Guidelines for Student Accommodations.


What we provide our students:

  • A quiet testing environment

  • Study skills

    • Notetaking

    • Reading for understanding

    • How to study for tests

    • Organization and planning

  • Regular student conferences

  • Reading classes

  • Accommodations

  • One on one academic coaching for all students

  • After-school academic support

  • Conferences with students on the failure lists

What we provide our staff:

  • Place to send academic referrals from coaches, teachers, and administrators

  • Education on learning differences we face

  • Help on how to provide accommodations in the classroom

  • Quiet place for you to send your students who need extra time or to make up a test during the school day

  • Inform students about their need to advocate for themselves and ask for accommodations

  • Support


Learning support STAFF