Presented by President Leah Rios

Each talk will begin at 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. in the Nolan Catholic Library. 

Free admission for all Fort Worth diocesan educators.

The Early Childhood Brain and Early Intervention

This training will focus on engagement in the classroom in relation to the early childhood brain. We will highlight the impact of environment, how to incorporate hands-on enrichment activities, and strategies for assessment. 

Phonological Processing

In “Phonological Processing,” we will introduce practical strategies for phonological awareness, working memory, and retrieval. We will also learn activities for assessing phonological awareness, how to enhance working memory, and the importance of explicit teaching. 

Early Childhood Classical Classroom

We will explore the important role environment plays in the early childhood classical classroom. We will also discuss mimetic teaching, how to incorporate literature and experiences into the classroom, and tips for designing the classroom setting with access to materials and self-efficacy in mind.

Dyslexia Unpacked

“Dyslexia Unpacked” focuses on the functional and structural differences in the brain’s language and processing centers. We will also introduce practical strategies to incorporate into the classroom, early detection and intervention, how to accommodate with intent and purpose, and activities to strengthen classroom skills. 

ADHD Unpacked

“ADHD Unpacked” explores practical classroom strategies, early detection, assessment accommodations, and plans for forming a successful partnership with parents

4501 Bridge St.

Fort Worth, Texas 76103


Nolan Catholic High School is a College Preparatory High School (grades 9-12). NCHS was established in 1961 and is accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department (TCCB ED)Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and AdvancED.

The purpose of TCCB ED is to assist Catholic schools in the state of Texas with 1) continuous school improvement initiatives, 2) accountability with best educational practices, 3) strengthening of mission and identity, and 4) improving academic performance.

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