The NCHS Counseling Department is here to serve you and your child. We focus on developing the whole child. Our office helps students in the following areas: social, emotional, academic, and college and career.

The Counseling Department consists of five counselors and an administrative assistant. We have a designated freshman counselor and three counselors who work grades 10-12 alphabetically.  

Below is a timeline for NCHS students. We begin working with them freshman year and continue until graduation. The counselors work with students individually and in groups in order to prepare them to achieve their goals.   


Ninth Grade

  1. Make grades a priority. Learn what resources are available on campus in order to be successful.

  2. Get involved in the NCHS community.  We offer many clubs, academic and athletic organizations.

  3. Begin writing down your activities and accomplishments while in high school.

  4. Meet with counselor in order to discuss adjustment to high school, grade point average, learn about the high school transcript, and select courses for tenth grade.

  5. Take the PSAT.

  6. Begin searching colleges using Naviance.

Eleventh Grade

  1. Attend college fairs.

  2. Take the PSAT.

  3. Register for SAT and/or ACT.

  4. Meet with counselor to discuss college options, scholarships, college application requirements, and select courses for senior year.  

  5. Visit college campus.

  6. Build resume using Naviance resume builder

  7. Register and take AP Exams.

  8. Request letters for recommendation from teachers.

  9. Work on essay questions for college application

Tenth Grade

  1. Make grades a priority.

  2. Take the PSAT.

  3. Meet with counselor to discuss grades, college entrance exams, and select courses for junior year.

  4. Continue to record your extracurricular activities including Christian Ministry hours.

  5. Start exploring career and college options using Naviance.

  6. Begin researching requirements for NCAA and military academies.

Twelfth Grade

  1. Update resume

  2. Complete college admission applications.

  3. Request your counselor to send your transcript and support documents to colleges/universities.

  4. Meet with counselor to discuss college admissions process, scholarships, and FAFSA.

  5. Attend college fairs

  6. Complete FAFSA and or CSS Profile.

  7. Become aware of college admission deadlines.

  8. Begin searching for private scholarships.

  9. Submit all decision and scholarship letters to NCHS Guidance Department.

  10. Apply for campus housing.

  11. Register for freshman orientation.

  12. Schedule physical and immunization with physician.




View this presentation about applying for financial aid in college. 



Naviance Family Connection is Nolan Catholic High School’s comprehensive college planning.