Nolan Catholic High School is proud to be an innovator in technology education. In 1991, Nolan Catholic became the first private school in the country to require a computer science credit for graduation. Over the past three decades, Nolan Catholic has inspired countless students to pursue higher education and careers in the technology, programming, and computer science fields.

PRogramming I

This is a one-semester course designed for students with little or no experience in structured programming. Students will learn problem-solving techniques applicable to all computer software applications and languages. Students will develop simple and moderately complex programs.

  • Grade: 9-12

  • One Semester (1/2 credit)

Programming II

This course is a continuation of Programming I. Students will expand their computer programming skill set and create moderate and advanced applications.

  • Grade: 9-12

  • One Semester (1/2 credit)

  • Prerequisite: Programming I


AP COmputer Science Principles

This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. Students will create their own mobile apps using the App Lab, build problem solving skills through the use of computational widgets, experience a blend of online, guided tutorials and open-ended project based learning. This class prepares students for the AP exam in May.

  • Grade: 10-12

  • Full year (1 credit)

  • Prerequisite: Departmental Approval.

Advanced Programming Honors (JAVA)

This course teaches students advanced problem-solving techniques and strategies. Students will use JAVA to create apps and solve sophisticated programming problems.

  • Grade: 11 - 12

  • Full year (1 credit)

  • Prerequisite: Programming I with at least an 85% average & Departmental Approval.