Viking Lift-A-Thon

This Lift-A-Thon will be a major fundraiser for the football program. The Nolan Catholic Football Program has many moving parts and serves the needs of a variety of students in and around the program. The money raised from this Lift-A-Thon will go towards the following:

 An overnight football and spiritual retreat as a team in August
 Safety equipment (on the player, on the field, and in the weight room)
 Locker Room updates
 Numerous other expenses needed in order to run a first class football program
the entire school community can continue to be proud of.

Goals: For each student-athlete to raise at least $400/each, which will cover their
overnight camp. The goal as a team is to raise 25K+. In addition, each Nolan
football player will set goals for each lift.

Procedure: Each football player, with the help of his family, will seek sponsors and donations for the Lift-A-Thon. Each participant will attempt a maximum lift in BENCH PRESS, POWER CLEAN, SQUAT, and DEADLIFT. This Lift-A-Thon is for your benefit, so please put your best effort forward in order to help yourself and your team. Sponsors can donate in two ways:

1) A flat donation of your choice.
2) Per Pound. For example, if you decide to donate $.10 per pound, and the player you chose to sponsor has a 4 lift total of 900 pounds, you will donate $90.

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Learn More about Prizes and Sponsorship Opportunities Here